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Arizona DUIs – Lawyers & Fatalities

March 23rd, 2022

Not everyone finds drunk driving to be a serious matter. But in Arizona as in any other states, drunk driving has been prohibited. The need to regulate drunk driving has been brought by the horrible rise in the number of fatalities over time. The amount of properties and the lives taken every tragic road accident are upsetting knowing that the mere cause is the carelessness of others. Due to the alarming number of car accidents caused by drunk driving, it is but necessary to control and even curtail it.

According to statistics, the fatalities along the road or traffic fatalities in the state of Arizona alone have reached its peak in 1986 with the recorded number of 1,007 fatalities. 58% of which were involved in drunk driving or under the influence of alcohol. At the entry of the 21st century, the number of fatalities again alarmed the public and the state government. Though for the following years, fatalities declined, the peak has reached a new record in 2006. The highest fatalities ever recorded were in 2006 where fatalities reached almost 1,280. After further investigation of the fatalities in 2006, it was found that 409 cases or were involved in alcohol content where blood alcohol concentration (BAC) reached 0.08% and higher.

The figures are very disturbing; for a period of one year more than thousands of lives were taken. Half were caused by alcohol. In addressing this disturbing issue, the state government of Arizona and other states has been vigilant in carrying out laws related to drunk driving. Under Arizona law, there are two controlling statutory offenses. The first offense may include driving under the influence or DUI, driving while intoxicated/impaired of DWI, or operating while intoxicated/impaired or OWI. The second offense is driving with blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08% or higher. This is also referred to as